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Chapter  IX

In May of 2015 I participated in the Police Unity Tour, Chapter IX. This was my first experience and one I will never forget. After arriving in DC on May 12th, a group of us from Chapter 9 decided to go tour DC on our bikes. I asked the group if they would mind going to Arlington Cemetary as one of my close friends was buried there and I wanted to visit with him. SSG Dreasky and I served together in Ramadi, Iraq in 2005. Our patrol was attacked in the fall of 2005 by insurgents.  SSG Dreasky suffered severe burns and succumbed to his injuries in the summer of 2006.   He was also a Detroit City Police Officer.  I was worried that others may not want to take the time to go and I said it would not take long. Once at Arlington I figured everyone would just wait for me off to the side so I started walking to where SSGT Dreasky was buried. I happened to glance behind me and I found that the group was following me! While I had been thinking I did not want to impose on them, they were thinking they wanted to be there for me and give me my space! Such unexpected support and understanding from a group of people I had only known for a few days just goes to show the quality of people who are involved with this organization. Thanks to these great Chap 9 members, SSG Dreasky's memory and sacrifice will live forever!  Sincerely, Richard Ciaccia

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Welcome to Chapter IX of the Police Unity Tour

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Our Mission Statement 

The primary purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty. The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial and Museum.
Police Unity Tour Our History

In May 1997 the Police Unity Tour was organized by Officer Patrick P. Montuore of the Florham Park, NJ Police Department, with the hope of bringing public awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty and to honor their sacrifices. We started in 1997 with 18 riders on a four day fund-raising bicycle ride from Florham Park, NJ to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C. which raised $18,000.00. This past May we had over 1800 members nationwide who made the trip, and we are proud to announce that we were able to donate 1.997 Million Dollars to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund bringing our total donations to nearly 18 Million Dollars.

In late 2005, the Police Unity Tour pledged $5 million in support of the National Law Enforcement Museum. Inspired by our commitment and our motto, "WE RIDE FOR THOSE WHO DIED" the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has selected our organization to be the sponsor of the Museum's Hall of Remembrance.

Having completed the $5 million commitment to the museum in 2009 the Police Unity Tour dedicated the 2010 ride to the restoration of the walls of the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial. The $1.1 million restoration project included the re-engraving, coating and sealing of the 18,983 names on the memorial as well as the cleaning of the walls and other Memorial improvements.


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